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A Thermosensitive, Phase-Variable Epigenetic Switch: pap Revisited [Review]

July 29, 2020 0

Summary: It has been more than a decade since the last comprehensive review of the phase-variable uropathogen-associated pyelonephritis-associated pilus (pap) genetic switch. Since then, important data have come to light, including additional factors that regulate pap expression, better characterization of H-NS regulation, the structure of the Lrp octamer in complex […]

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RidA Proteins Protect against Metabolic Damage by Reactive Intermediates [Review]

July 15, 2020 0

Summary: The Rid (YjgF/YER057c/UK114) protein superfamily was first defined by sequence homology with available protein sequences from bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes (L. Parsons, N. Bonander, E. Eisenstein, M. Gilson, et al., Biochemistry 42:80–89, 2003, The archetypal subfamily, RidA (reactive intermediate deaminase A), is found in all domains of life, […]

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Gene Expression: the Key to Understanding HIV-1 Infection? [Review]

May 13, 2020 Admin 0

Category: Summary: Gene expression profiling of the host response to HIV infection has promised to fill the gaps in our knowledge and provide new insights toward vaccine and cure. However, despite 20 years of research, the biggest questions remained unanswered. A literature review identified 62 studies examining gene expression dysregulation […]

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Bioavailability Based on the Gut Microbiota: a New Perspective [Review]

April 29, 2020 Admin 0

Category: Summary: The substantial discrepancy between the strong effects of functional foods and various drugs, especially traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs), and the poor bioavailability of these substances remains a perplexing problem. Understanding the gut microbiota, which acts as an effective bioreactor in the human intestinal tract, provides an opportunity for […]

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Small-Molecule Acetylation by GCN5-Related N-Acetyltransferases in Bacteria [Review]

April 15, 2020 Admin 0

Category: Summary: Acetylation is a conserved modification used to regulate a variety of cellular pathways, such as gene expression, protein synthesis, detoxification, and virulence. Acetyltransferase enzymes transfer an acetyl moiety, usually from acetyl coenzyme A (AcCoA), onto a target substrate, thereby modulating activity or stability. Members of the GCN5-N–acetyltransferase (GNAT) […]